11 TV Shows You Need to Watch ASAP

I would like to ask a multiple choice question, for anyone reading this who knows me well. Do I (or have I ever) enjoyed TV shows?

A. No, never in my life

B. On occasion

C. Taylor swift, i do it all the time, gif, tv shows

Well, the answer is a resounding C.  I fucking love TV.  I love the escape. Plus, I love learning about different time periods. I love traveling to places I’ve never been. I thought I would take a few minutes to share some must watch shows, from my OG faves to the rising stars on my watch list.

Top 3 TV shows (with an honorable mention or three)

Breaking Bad

Pardon me for being a walking cliche, but this is one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life. The acting, the writing, the pacing… it’s just everything. If you live under a rock, and don’t know the premise, it is about a high school teacher who finds an unconventional way to pay for his cancer treatment. Might be drugs involved.

Mad Men

This show is an incredible portrait of an iconic period in American history. While the actor who received most praise for this show (well-deserved praise, I might add) is a man, to me, the show is really about women. It’s about what it was like for the millions of women who either dreamed of success in their careers or lived in the overwhelming shadows of their husbands. And shut up, the costumes!

Orphan Black

This series showcases one of the most incredible female performances of this generation.  Tatiana Maslany shines as Sarah who discovers she is unwillingly involved in a huge scientific shit storm that leads her to meet family she never knew she had.

Honorable mention- Game of Thrones

I’m not here to talk about how it compares to the source material, so GTFO if you’re spoiling for a fight about that.  This is a beautiful show that I am so sad is coming to an end this year.  Again, you have to be living under a rock to not know what this show is about.  Dragons, kings, blood, gorgeous men, gorgeous women, intrigue… Ugh.  Super binge-worthy.

Honorable mention- Downton Abbey

If I could travel via Tardis to any time period in history it would be this one. This show is so full of amazing writing, great performances, drool-worthy costumes, and plenty of tear-jerking moments.  It is about how the wealthy Crawley family and their servants co-exist in a rapidly changing world. I wish this show had never ended.

Honorable mention- Doctor Who

Speaking of the Tardis, this list would not be complete without this little gem.  FYI- I have NOT seen any of the old Who.  I am strictly speaking about Eccleston to Whitaker. It is so full of imagination, heart-warming story lines, terrifying shit, and so much amazingness.  Time travel, alien planets, historical figures.  I just love it.

New TV shows on my radar

  1. Bodyguard: This show was INTENSE.  Richard Madden (of GOT fame) was incredible. There was political drama and tons of edge-of-your seat moments.
  2. Black Mirror: You wanna see some messed up shit? Don’t miss this show! All joking aside, it is a great look into futurism and how technology affects us, for better or for worse.
  3. Brooklyn 99: This is the funniest show I’ve ever seen about a NYC police squad.  It is seriously laugh out loud funny with a diverse cast of characters.
  4. The Handmaid’s Tale: Again, you want to see some messed up shit? And also, do you feel like your Zoloft has been working a little too well? Watch this show. The acting is LEGIT, and it is seriously a nail biter.
  5. Marcella: This was a really good British procedural with a lot of twists and turns.

What are some of your favorite TV shows? I would love to hear about them in the comments! Don’t be a jerk and post spoilers, though. That will get yo ass nice and blocked.

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