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What momming products are a MUST?

Toddler momming is chaotic.  Some days, I feel like a pro.  Some days, I feel like I am flailing around in an ocean of snot and pee.  (You’re welcome for that image, but you know I’m right.)

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I wanted to make a post about some of my favorite products, whether they be for keeping me organized, or keeping the kids happy.  They are used just about daily in my house, and if you have kids between the ages of like 2-6, you NEED them.


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Staying organized is what keeps me from teetering over the brink of insanity.  I would literally never remember doctor’s appointments or social plans.  For a few years, I was doing everything on my phone, but in January I went back to good old fashioned pen and paper.  I really love this planner and it has pages for goal-setting too.  Click HERE to snag one.

Time goes by so fast, and kids say and do so many great things. Terrible, yes.  But great. This journal lets you record a snippet of your day every day for 5 years.  (Like March 9, 2019; March 9, 2020; March 9, 2021; March 9, 2022; and March 9, 2023; all on the same page.) I thought it was a great idea! Click HERE to grab one and get started.

My almost 4 year old is learning to read and is straight OBSESSED with early readers.  We do them like 3 times a day lately.  They come in a set of 25, and introduce sight words with pictures that help them easily remember what the words are.  At the end of each book is a “quiz” on each of the two words the book covered. She gets so excited when I pull them out! Click HERE to snag this box set.

We are still working on the correct grip, but she has also started to really love tracing.  This is a nice quiet calm activity, especially for times of year or days when it is too yucky to leave the house. I love these cards.  I couldn’t find these exact ones on Amazon.  (I believe they were a gift.) But I found similar ones, so click HERE.  Also, click HERE to grab some dry erase markers if you don’t have any.

Transparent sleeves are really neat because you can print stuff out for them to trace, pop em in the sleeves, and dry erase the heck out of em.  She learned to spell her name, and now she’s working on writing it.  Smart cookie! Click HERE to order some.

Here is where you can get the printables! Yay for free, right, mamas?

Both of my kids are big puzzle addicts.  These ones in the link are super cute if you have a kiddo who is looking for something more advanced than the normal, like, 20 piece toddler puzzle. Every time we do the 100 piece one, we do it together, and she always wants to start with a different animal.  (She’s not quite there with starting with border pieces…) Click HERE to get you some adorable puzzles.

This puzzle was a gift and one of their absolute favorite toys! It helps with letter recognition, spelling, and sight word reading. I keep the letters in a ziploc bag when we’re not using them, because my kids are crazy.  But they could play with this for like 30min at a time, at least.  That is a huge win.  Sitting still for 30 min? Hell yeah! Snag it HERE

Last but not least, if you are looking for another quiet, yucky day activity, we LOVE Candy Land.  It helps with color recognition, basic rule following, and sportsmanship.  I think it is the perfect game to start your toddler or small child out with.  My almost 4 year old always wins somehow.  Witchcraft, I tell ya.  Click HERE if you don’t own it yet.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… You know. What are some of your favorite things? I would love to hear the products that help you parent little ones in the comments below.

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