What You Should Do When You Struggle

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This. Exactly. The struggle is real.

My goal in starting this blog was to help people solve problems. I like taking people’s insecurities and issues and struggles and helping them find solutions. I am not necessarily a natural nurturer, but I am an empath, and I don’t like seeing people going through difficult times.  It makes me feel bad.

Today, I don’t really have any solutions to present. It’s one of those days where I have just enough to get by.  I am driving the struggle bus through a circus of fire and oh crap, the brakes are giving out. I’m tired, I have a stomach ache, I’m anxious, and SHIT! I represent a wellness company, so that obviously makes me a fraud and a failure, right?

There is shame in the mom struggle at times.  I think as a society we are getting better, but there is still the omnipresent undertone of, “Wow.  That B is a mess.  Get your life together.” Rather than linking arms and Red Rovering the shit out of life together, it is sometimes easier to turn our nose up, and say, “Well, at least it isn’t me.”

Advice about struggle

Don’t be ashamed of your struggles. Don’t let them be a quilt that you snuggle under on a rainy day. Live them out loud. Share them.  PUBLICLY.  (I know that’s a bit scary, so take it one step at a time.) I know I’m not yet some Nobel Prize winning blogger whose story will reach millions and change the world. But if admitting that I am struggling can help even one person make their life a little better… Well, I truly and wholeheartedly believe that that is what life is all about.

I’m struggling, dammit. Feel free to comment below and share your journey. Let’s hold hands and be friends.

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