Book Review: Red Queen

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Alright, book review time!  Any fantasy fans out there? It is one of my favorite genres! I love stories of kings and queens and corrupt monarchies and magical creatures and special powers.

Who are some of your favorite authors? What about a book keeps you coming back for more?

Potential Spoilers (I will try to avoid them!)

Red Queen tells the story of Mare Barrow, a young woman who finds herself caught up in a position of unimaginable power. She meets a mysterious stranger when she is in the village late at night. To her surprise, he offers her the chance to come work at the palace, an opportunity beyond her wildest dreams, and one her family desperately needs.

The start of her time working at the palace goes very poorly. Mare makes a critical mistake and she becomes tangled up in a world of power, betrayal, and romance. Next, she will have to make sacrifices and difficult decisions that she would have never thought possible. Also, she will lose those she loves along the way, and find herself in the process.

This is the first novel in a series and it was engrossing from start to finish! I will talk about the characters, plot, and my theories for book two!

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I love the protagonist, Mare! She has the right amount of sass while still being likable. She fights for the things that matter to her. Also, the supporting characters are quite interesting too. They are good, evil, and a little bit of both. I especially like Maven, one of the princes at the palace. He is a pretty well-rounded character with some surprises in store.


Also, I enjoy books with dystopian settings. This story takes place in a distant (or not so distant future) where war has torn apart the world as well know it. Society is now separated into Reds (lower echelon of society) and Silvers (upper echelon, and born with special abilities– think X-Men), named for the color of their blood. The Reds are destined to serve and toil, and the Silvers are born for wealth and power.

Plus, the climax is shocking and page-turning! Prepare to be biting your nails ?

Theories for Book Two

Bypass this part if you do not want spoilers. I wanted to theorize in my book review about what will happen in the sequel.

  • Mare will find herself even more alienated from her family
  • She will find herself trying to save one of the princes from the queen
  • Mare’s big secret could be exposed
  • Evangeline gets a well-deserved throat punch

Remember, these are just theories of course! I am often wrong when it comes to these things.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this book! It has a good mix of suspense, romance, and heart, and every page makes you excited for the next.

Hope you enjoyed my book review! You can order your copy of Red Queen HERE. What book are you reading currently? Hit me up with your recommendations in the comments!

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