Clean eating: Several recipes you can try today

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Are you on a mission to improve your health like me? I’ve been striving to work out more often, drink more water, and, possibly the most difficult, eat a little healthier.  At the start of the month, I experimented with a bunch of “clean” recipes that I wanted to share.

*Recipes at the bottom*

My thoughts

Recipe #1: Spinach and onion omelet.  This was honestly pretty good considering I don’t like onions.  I tried to incorporate onions into a few of the recipes because they are apparently good for immune support!

Recipe #2: Beef chow mein.  This was super duper tasty!  I love Asian cuisine, and this was a great way to eat it with less sodium and cleaner ingredients.  I definitely recommend this.

Recipe #3: Avocado citrus soup. Another really good one.  I normally am not the hugest avocado fan, but it IS a super food, so worth “suffering through” from time to time.  Despite that, I really enjoyed this soup.

Recipe #4: Grapefruit yogurt smoothie.  I didn’t really care for this, BUT, I am a very picky eater so take my preferences with a grain of salt.  This would be a great option for someone who wants to take a breakfast on the go.

Recipe #5: Scrambled egg with kale.  This was good too!  I love scrambled eggs so am normally game to try any variation on that.  This was really tasty.

Recipe #6: Blueberry almond scones.  These were very messy to make.  (As in, clean the whole kitchen afterwards.) But they tasted AMAZING.  Highly, highly recommend.

Recipe #7: Cinnamon cheesecake smoothie.  Another one that I didn’t particularly care for (again, I’m picky), but would be great for someone on the go.

Recipe #8: Fresh summer salad.  This was maybe my favorite recipe that I tried!  It was so so yummy.  Tons of veggies on top of spinach, topped with diced chicken.  DROOL.


Here are all the clean eating recipes. Enjoy!  Let me know what you try or plan to try in the comments below. What is your favorite “clean” recipe?

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