12 Facts About Me

When I read blogs (or books, or poems– or listen to podcasts, for that matter), I always imagine that I know a little bit about the people who created them. I get this picture of them in my head based on:

  • how they write
  • word choice
  • topics they select
  • and so on and so forth

Not that I necessarily need to know the person behind the blog, but, for me at least, it enriches the reading experience if I feel like I can really connect with them on a personal level.

jen van haitsma, blogger

I figured I would take this opportunity to share the things that make me smile, the things I get excited about, and the things that occupy a special place in my heart.

Get to know me.

  1. My kids. I have 2 amazing wonder-children, who do things that fill me with awe every day. Our oldest will be 4 in a few weeks and our youngest is a 2 year old little firecracker. One is definitely gonna be a caregiver of some kind when they grow up, and the other definitely gonna be yelling at people in a boardroom.
  2. My husband, Ken.  Sometimes he is the dumbest asshole alive, but he is MY dumb asshole, and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone for any amount of money.  He makes me laugh and, even better, he is patient and kind to me.
  3. TV shows.  Okay, so I am a bit of a TV addict.  (Check out my faves here) I love being transported to a different time period, or place in the world, and escaping from the daily stresses of life.  I love TV more than movies because I get wayyyy too emotionally invested in the characters.  2 hours is just not enough.
  4. The Oxford comma.  Seriously.  This shit matters to me on a spiritual level.
  5. I’m currently training for for my first Spartan Sprint. (3-5 miles and 20-23 obstacles)  I love lifting weights.  It’s become a very necessary high for me.
  6. Word puzzles.  Ken thinks there is something wrong with my brain because I can solve them freakishly fast. They make me feel smart when motherhood and bipolar episodes have virtually destroyed my brain. My current favorite iphone game (though not a word game, technically) is called Logic Pic.  It’s free (from what I remember?) and so fun.

More things that I love.

  1. True crime. I love talking about murder, my favorite serial killer (Cliche, but Ted Bundy), my favorite one off murder (Jon Benet), theories, evidence, whether I’m a Karen or a Georgia, how MADDENING Abducted in Plain Sight was, and everything in between.  (We’ll label this Exhibit B in “Reasons Ken thinks there is something wrong with my brain. He sleeps with one eye open because he thinks I am going to murder him.)
  2. Essential oils.  Not only is the science fascinating, but the effects I’ve experienced from them are ridic.  They are a beautiful compliment to western medicine.  Check out this post where I talk all about it.
  3. The city of Chicago.  There is something soothing to this introvert about stumbling around and exploring a huge city and being lost in a sea of faces.  The beautiful buildings and amazing food don’t hurt, either!

3 of my all time favorite things.

  1. Disney World.  We are surprising our girls with a trip there in December and I am literally giddy thinking about it.  I could live there.  Like break ground right on Main Street, build a little cottage, and be perfectly happy forever.  (Tell me your favorite attraction in the comments! Mine is the Haunted Mansion.)
  2. Clean floors.  I vacuum and swiffer our main floor (laminate) almost every day, and upstairs (carpet) a few times a week.  Friends, I just cannot abide by dirty floors.  I even made my own toxin-free swiffer mop concoction because I can’t with the fragrances and grossness in normal cleaners, and it works like a charm.
  3. Harry Potter. True story: When Ken and I went to Universal Studios in 2016, we went to the Wizard World of Harry Potter.  When the Hogwarts Express pulled up into Platform 9 3/4, I cried.  Like, ugly KK cry.

kim kardashian ugly cry

That is a little bit about me. Hopefully this helped you get to know me. Now, tell me about you in the comments! What are your favorite things?


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