Prepping For A Move | How You Can Make It As Stress Free As Possible

Can we all agree that prepping for a move is the worst? Maybe you’re excited to leave your current neighborhood. Or maybe you’re excited to upgrade your space. Maybe you’re excited for better schools for kids. But actually moving? The worst.

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There is so much to think about. And that is on top of the billion other things already swirling through your brain. School. Nap times. Laundry. Doctors appointments. Cleaning. The Battle of Winterfell. Seriously. You’ve got a lot going on.

So how can you plan your move to minimize the amount of stress it can create? Follow these easy steps.

My advice

  • Hire movers. I know. It costs money. But your time and mental health are valuable. You can make more money. You can’t get the time back you spent yelling at your husband to pivot. Friends, gif, ross, moving, pivot
  • Make a list ahead of time of what you want to get rid of. Don’t lug a bunch of crap to your new place (or pay for a bigger moving van!) when you plan to just pitch half of it anyway.
  • Enlist help packing and unpacking. Both these activities can be weirdly stressful. If your mom can watch your kids so you can devote uninterrupted time to packing or unpacking, it will be way easier.
  • Make sure to reward your helpers! Whether it’s pizza and beer or a custom gift basket, a little appreciation goes a long way. At the end of the day, your buddies aren’t required to help you move. If you go this route over a moving company, make sure to thank them adequately.
  • Do a little bit each day. Have a ton of crap to weed through? (I know I do!) Dedicate 10 minutes a day to one area of the house. Every little bit helps. This saves you from the stress of realizing, “Oh wait. I move next week and my house looks like a episode of Hoarders.” (Again, right there with you.)

What advice would you give to someone planning a move?

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7 thoughts on “Prepping For A Move | How You Can Make It As Stress Free As Possible

  1. OMG my last few moves have been so darn stressful. I really should have used movers, but when I got the quote, it blew my mind. So I opted to do it myself, but no more of that. Love this post.

  2. We are moving in 2 weeks to a new state! This post is timely! We are selling most everything and starting over because it was the most cost effective option in our particular situation. I’m kinda freaking out because we have so much left to sell and get rid of and not much time left 😬

  3. We moved 2 hours up the country in one day the last time we moved. Went surprisingly alright with not many hiccups! Hoping our next move goes as well. I’m definitely going to take note of your tips with the planning and getting things sorted early though!!

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