Stress: What You Can Do About It Today

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I see you, mama. You’re stressed. Your kids won’t stop talking at you.  They found your chocolate drawer. And if they ask you for ONE. MORE. SNACK.

Are you feeling stressed in your day to day life? Chances are, the answer is yes. The rate of burn out in moms is raising higher each year.

We have so many responsibilities, and so little energy. So much is expected of us, and often it feels impossible to fulfill all our obligations.

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Stress, what you can do about stress, stress tips

My Story 

I was there.  I am there.  Heck, I will be there for the foreseeable future. But let me back up a little…

When my oldest daughter was about 16 months old, I had just about fucking had it, to be honest. I was super stressed, working full time at Target (trust me, it is WAY more magical to shop there). 

To add insult to injury, I was about 20 weeks pregnant with my second daughter.  I was tired and I had just about enough.  Of what, you ask? Oh, you name it.  My mental health issues are a whole other blog post.

Basically, I have bipolar disorder with a side order of fatigue. You will never catch me saying, “I am bipolar,” because I try to keep my personal identity separate from my disorder.

Looking for solutions

Then, my friend— whom I had known for several years and trusted with my life– told me I needed to try oils. Me: “Like essential oils? Like patchouli? Like that hippie crap people slather on their bodies to cure their cancer?*”

*Not claiming oils cure cancer, obviously  

Her: “But for real, just try them.  I know you’re stressed.  Try them.”

Me: *Sigh* “Alright, I guess…” *Orders some oils*

If you want to know how it turned out for me, I still use essential oils 3 years later  

stress, kip gif, napolean dynamite, i guess you could say things are getting pretty serious

How did it turn out?

Guys, my mental health and self worth are better than they have been in years. I’m less stressed, for sure.

I still have bad days where I feel burned out as hell, but now, I have more options. That is such an amazing luxury for someone with mental health issues!

We tend to feel like we are just cogs in the health care wheel. Like we’re products on an assembly line. 

Doctor’s appointment— diagnosis— prescription— side effects— REPEAT.


That is why I began to explore homeopathy.  I started being more mindful of what I eat. I take LOTS of  supplements.

And yes, I use essential oils.

And the gateway drug into the illicit world of essential oils (just kidding! It’s nice here.  We have cookies) was a little gem called Stress Away…

This lime, vanilla-y marvel guided me through so many hard times at the beginning of my oil journey, and I wish they sold it in bath tub sized containers.

Stress, what you can do about stress, stress tips

Things You Need ASAP

I’m a big fan of all natural stress out methods! Here are some of my top ideas:

  • Essential oils
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Personal development books
  • Crosswords
  • Journaling
  • Comfy blankets to make you feel secure

Check out these products and snag at least one! They will definitely help.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Epsom Salt Soak, Magnesium Sulfate USP, 8 Pound

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

The Night Circus (One of my favorite books, and possibly the dreamiest plot ever!)

USA TODAY Crossword: 200 Puzzles from The Nation’s No. 1 Newspaper (Volume 2) (USA Today Puzzles)

Yellow Flowers Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Small Format Journals)

BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blanket Throw Size Grey Plush Throw Blanket Fuzzy Soft Blanket Microfiber

Are you stressed?

So, if you’re like me and you’ve had enough, give essential oils a try. Use all the Stress Away… Make the change. Life is still CHAOS.  But it is so much healthier and more beautiful.

stress, stressed out, what you can do about stress, stress tips

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Have you ever used essential oils? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!

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  2. This is a really good blog post. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress from the public school education system. I’ve been getting lots of rest and reaching out to my support to relieve my stress, but I’m going to also try these suggestions too.

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