Hey there! Welcome to my page! If you haven’t had a chance to check out my About Me, go ahead and do that.

Basically, I am a mom of two who has lived with mental health issues since 1995 after the loss of my cousin. The goal of this site is to help others in their journey and give them resources to be well.

I currently offer the following services.

Looking for someone to chat with on a regular basis when you need some emotional support? I have set up a mental health chat service that is super affordable and easy to use! It is on a quarterly basis. Click the image above to sign up today!

Looking to improve your life in any of the following areas?



•Eating Habits


I cover these topics and more in my super cheap, at your own pace, e-course. Sign up by clicking the image above.

I would love you to submit your guest post about mental health and/or wellness. I still have several spots open this year. The link above lists the guest posting requirements. I would love posts about:




-Eating disorders


-Coping strategies

-Parenting with chronic illness



-Healthy eating for mental health issues

-Post partum depression struggles

Those are just a few. Let me know your ideas using the form above.

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This is really helpful because it allows me to make this site the best that it can be. I want it to be a place you feel comfortable spending time when you need some encouragement. I want the site to be user friendly. Fill this out and give me your feedback. I so appreciate it.

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