The best $165 you will ever spend in your life

What was the last thing you spent money on?

I need to tell you guys about something super exciting. As you may or may not know, I am a distributor with Young Living. (Yes, network marketing. No, it’s not a pyramid scheme. I am happy to discuss the difference. People can make legit money if they put the leg work in.) We are a complete wellness company but we are best known for our essential oils.  The way that most people get started with Young Living is the Premium Starter Kit (PSK), and I wanted to share some flipping awesome changes it underwent recently.

The best money I ever spent.

Maybe I should share a bit about me first. I started using essential oils in August of 2016.  To be completely honest, up until that point, I thought it was stupid.  I knew people that used them, and I guess I looked down on it in a way. Like I was above all that hippie bullshit. I didn’t know the science behind aromatherapy and topical applications (Message me to learn more), and I was at a sort of egocentric stage in life where I wasn’t willing to admit I could be wrong about something. Plus, I didn’t want to spend the money.

Friends, I got my PSK and the oils worked. I am still mentally ill, but I am able to use the oils to complement the treatment plan outlined by my doctor in a way that I am able to be on low doses of medication. Through Young Living, I have removed countless toxins from my home. (Not about that life yet? Click here and here to learn why it’s so vital.) I have learned to start putting thought into the products I use on myself and my children.  Total empowerment, all for less than the cost of a plane ticket.

So what about this PSK, you ask? It really is the best way to get started because you get 12 everyday oils at half off their retail value.  And a gorgeous diffuser with a few extra goodies. (Peep that Desert Mist diffuser in the picture.  It’s got a billion pretty light settings.)

Premium starter kit, diffuser, essential oils

What oils come with it?

? Lemon – Happy and uplifting.  Great for cleaning too!  I have been using it in our detergent lately.
? Digize – For all things tum tum
? Frankincense – Soooooo zen, and great for your skin.
? Lavender – This is a great sleepy time oil, and also good for hair, skin, and lashes.
? Peppermint – Occasional head tension, be gone!
? Valor – I take this one to the dentist with me, because the chair and the sound of the drill make my heart race.  It’s also great for nervous travelers.
? Citrus Fresh – For any stinky situation.
?Panaway – If you have bones, joints and muscles, you need it!
? Thieves – Immune support
? Stress Away – This was my gateway oil, and it smells so heavenly.  The name says it all.
? Raven – Respiratory support
✌? Peace and Calming – Because toddlers are little psychos and sometimes you just can’t cope.

What else comes in the PSK?

You get your choice of 4 diffusers, and a few extra goodies (2 sample packets of Ningxia Red— our amazing antioxidant filled wonder juice, 1 sample packet of Thieves Household Cleaner— because toxic cleaners are gross and Thieves really gets things clean, and a sample of Thieves Hand Purifier.)

Literally so much goodness, for only $165 which is absolutely mental. Um, it’s all worth $400 so, hello bargain! The best part is it makes it super simple to get started because it hooks you up with 12 oils that anyone would want or need.  So, not as much guess work on your part when you’re getting started. Plus, I mayyyy or may not send my new members and little welcome gift *wink*

What’s next?

You are going to fall in love so fast.  I was definitely pleasantly surprised at how often I found myself reaching for one of these little bottles. A couple months later, I signed up for Essential Rewards (Young Living’s monthly box), and honestly, I wish I had done it right when I signed up. I could have started rewards points instantly.  But you live and learn. I order all my cleaning products, supplements, and personal care products, and get tons of freebies each month. In the past 2.5 years, I’ve redeemed approximately $1,337 worth of rewards for free products, and received at least $1,000-$2,000 in free promotional items. It’s insane.  Probably most of my oils in my collection have been free.  All for cutting out a trip to Target. Because for real, how much money do we spend each month on stuff we don’t need?

The next step

You get your PSK, obviously! It really is the best money I’ve ever spent, and I have never and will never regret it. It has made me a more confident and informed mom, and connected me to a network of lifelong friends I never would have met otherwise.  Honestly, it is truly a blessing.

Grab it here and let me know in the comments which oil you are going to try first when your kit arrives!

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