6 DIY Self Care Tips

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Thank you so much to Missy from Blog Post Gal for sharing these tips on getting better self care with us. Let us know in the comments which one you plan to use starting today!

There are a lot of buzzwords I’ve been hearing and reading about lately, pretty much all about one thing: self care. And for good reason. We are frazzled and in dire need of taking much needed care of ourselves. It does sound a bit selfish. All this self care talk. Is it a millennial thing? Meaning, is this new trend geared only towards the younger generation? I don’t think so.

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Self care in my opinion is all about incorporating a strategy or set of strategies to not only thrive in today’s super tech world, but survive. Yes, survive! And I mention tech; because like it or not- tech has taken over. Taken over every job industry, really pretty much every aspect of our day to day lives. From social media to a gazillion apps for anything and everything you can think of- to our jobs, education, entertainment, etc. So with this in mind, below I mention six DIY tips for self care which anyone can incorporate right away with little to no cost, and can easily apply at home and elsewhere.

Self care tips

1. Step Back and Assess – first step is to step back, and simply assess. What’s going on? How am I feeling? What can I do to make myself less frazzled and in better control of any anxiety I may be feeling. This is sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes stepping back and assessing is truly the hardest part of self care. I know I have trouble with it; so of course – others must have trouble with it as well. But the key here is to just take a moment and think of what YOU need. As what works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. Only you know what is going to be a good self care idea. And if you’re not sure, that’s okay too. Give your ideas a whirl and see how it goes.
2. Try a mostly Veggie Diet – if we’re going to talk about self care, we can’t possibly not mention our diet. Right? Our food choices can make or break a good self care routine. Do we have to become vegetarians or vegans in order to practice good care? That’s highly debatable. But we stand to argue that a mostly vegetarian diet will only help you. It has been proven time and time again by numerous nutritionists and dieticians that a diet high in plant based foods is great for the body. So even if you don’t go full on vegetarian, but add in a few meatless meals into your diet, we believe this is an important DIY self care strategy.
self care tips, tips for self care, self care, DIY self care

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3. Social Media Detox – which is your fave social media site? Is it Facebook? Maybe Pinterest? Or how about Twitter? I quite like and spend too much time on Facebook and just recently have become more active on Instagram. I could be wrong here, but we all probably spend more time than we should on our fave social site. So, what to do? Well you could limit the time spent there and do a social media detox. This means either not visiting the site for a day or at least some hours of the day and doing something else. A walk, a chat on the phone with a friend or relative, gym time, movie, music, shopping, cooking, baking – you get the pic. Heck! When I know I’m swiping and or scrolling a little too much, I try to catch myself and get up and literally just put the phone down. And I just pick something else to do. You can too. Right?
4. IRL Connection(s) – this also has been talked about alot in the media. In real life connections versus online only connections have become increasingly important in today’s hyper connected (but not really!) world. Which is sad considering how there are more ways to connect today than ever before. Yet, numerous studies show that we’re more disconnected than ever before. Go figure! Point here is that we all need to make a greater effort to connect in real life and not just online. Maybe local meetups, after work outings, family events, church, the gym, etc. This is a super duper big challenge for me as I have social anxiety which makes it even more difficult to do the IRL thing. But still I try and yes, YOU can too!
5. Volunteer – anyone can try this idea especially since there are so many different ways one can do it. From volunteering at an animal shelter, to making or serving food at your local food pantry, or being outside in nature, cleaning, or planting trees, etc. This is a form of self care because you get to choose which cause near and dear to your heart is the one you help; not to mention as the saying goes “one of the best ways to feel good is to do good for others”. Want to give it a try? You can find volunteer opps online via Volunteer.org or searching on your phone with the phrase “volunteer near me”.
6. Low Cost Pampering – this is one of our personal fave DIY ways to self care because the ideas are all no or low cost. Again this will vary by individual, as my idea of pampering might be different than yours. But basically if you think of the little things you currently do that sort of lift your spirits up or make you smile; these are ways you do self care for you. From taking a hot bath, to finding and reading a great book, to cooking up (or baking) something delish that you love, to something as simple flipping through Netflix or your local Redbox for that awesome new movie you’ve been dying to see.

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What other ways can you think of to self care that are either low cost, no cost or that you can do at home? Share with me below by leaving a comment. There are so many ways, tips and ideas. The six above are but a few to get you thinking about it. What I did was jot down things I currently do that make me happy or relax me in some way – my list includes the following: color hair, paint nails, hot bath, reading, try a new recipe, haircut, puzzle, new tv show, new movie. Journaling is a really powerful tool!

How about you? What can you come up with? Have fun with it, jot it down, and when you need that quick pick me up, look at your own DIY self care ideas. Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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