True Crime: New Blog Page

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You might have noticed that I added a new page to my site: True Crime.

I have been interested in true crime for as long as I can remember. I am fascinated by the psychology of it, and find myself engrossed in documentaries and biographies about crime.

That being said, I need your suggestions! I plan to make this a weekly series, under this new separate page.

Comment below with the following:

-What case should I cover next week?

-How do I convert images into a video? Or, how do I upload a Powerpoint to WordPress? (I am technologically challenged)

True crime, crime,  new blog page

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7 thoughts on “True Crime: New Blog Page”

  1. Oooh how fun! I love true crime stories! One of my favorite true crime books is Helter Skelter. My mom grew up in Los Angeles when it all happened in the 60’s, so it’s interesting to hear her recount how the Manson family murders effected the city. My parents were also living in LA when the Nightstalker murders happened, so that was pretty scary to hear about too! But I’d honestly be interested in reading whatever true crime stories are interesting to YOU! 🙂

    Emily |

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