‭Why I Ditched Fragrance and You Should To‬o

We have a fragrance obsession, am I right? We hit Bath & Body Works for the latest sales on Pumpkin Spice Drizzled Unicorn Horn Infused scented candles. Because our house has to smell like something at all times. We’ve arrived at a place in our cultural timeline where the house just not smelling bad is not enough for us.  We need SCENT.  If your house doesn’t smell like a damn muffin, you are doing something wrong.

A little about me

I used to be right there with you.  Fragrance all the live long day. If Target had Glade candles on sale for buy 4 get 1 free, I bought 10.  (Hey, 2 were free, right?) One was lit at all times.  It wasn’t enough that I cleaned my house and it didn’t smell of anything in particular.  It had to smell like something. I’m not sure why this is a thing honestly.  But here we are.

I started to do research (at the request of a crunchy friend) about these candles and sprays I was using and…

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Basically, I found out that that shit is horrible for you. That’s a whole other blog post, so just use your Google fingers for now.  But between fragrance and formaldehyde and all their friends, I was slowly poisoning myself.  So, that’s neat.

So how do you remove fragrance from your home?

I found a little booboo that really help when I want my house to not only not smell bad, but smell like something. Enter my girl Citrus Fresh.

citrus fresh, essential oil, young living, non-toxic, smells good, fragrance

She’s non-toxic and smells like a lovely orange grove.  Bonus: No “fragrance.” She cleans the air without causing damage to my hormones or respiratory system (because that’s a thing, guys). She is great for putting in drains or toilets for cleaning too. Even better, she has given me a better tool for submitting to an obsession.  She makes me empowered in my choices.  She is a gem, and every home needs her.

Are you a fragrance addict? What is your favorite smell? Let me know in the comments below!

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