Writing Resumé (updated): Where You Can Follow Me

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Do you follow me? What is your favorite social media platform?

I love them all! I love all the ideas I get from Pinterest, the snippets of people’s lives on Twitter, the gorgeous photos on Instagram, and the human connection we find on Facebook.

Before I share all the places on the world wide web you can read my work, I wanted to connect with you.

Leave your social media links in the comments and I will give you a follow!

Social media links (Follow me!)

Email: diffusingthetensionblog@gmail.com
Pinterest: @diffusingthetensionblog
Instagram: @diffusing_the_tension
Twitter: @jvan3610
Facebook: @diffusingthetension

Writing Resumé



Guest Posts

My Life As Macy blog, “A Mother’s Journey With Bipolar Disorder,” published 4/16/19- Link

Silver Jasmine blog, “Parenting With Mental: What It Means & How You Can Cope,” published 4/26/19– Link

Just Call Me Jess blog, “Setting Goals With Mental Illness: How You Can Stay SMART in the Face of Struggle,” published 5/29/19– Link

The Queen of Ambition blog, “Maintaining Relationships During Periods of Depression,” published 6/1/19– Link

Christiana Acha blog, “Living With Depression: 7 Tips to Use Daily to Make the Day More Manageable,” published 6/9/19– Link

The Feminine Collective blog, “Staying Confident Whilst Living With a Mental Illness,” published 6/10/19– Link

Blog Unwritten online magazine, “How to Beat the Summertime Blues,” pg 29-30, published 6/15/19– Link

Learning to Be Free blog, “Positivity & Mental Illness: Why You Should Think Positively and How You Can Make That Happen,” published 6/18/19- Link

Silver Jasmine blog, “40 Ways to Manage Travel Anxiety,” (featured contributor), published 6/23/19- Link

My Need to Live blog, “Mental Illness at College: My Story & What You Can Do,” published 6/25/19- Link

This Village Girl blog, “Complete Darkness: My Journey With Postpartum Depression,” published 7/11/19- Link


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If you like this blog, follow me in these other places, too. I would love to call you a friend!

PS- If you aren’t subscribed to my blog yet, make sure to do that at www.diffusingthetension.com. I will email you a link to a bunch of free PDFs just for doing so. They will help you stay organized and healthy!

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